Imperfect kosmos

The universe reflected in your eyes... When you look at infinity, infinity looks back at you showing your weaknesses

Melted Kosmos
50 cms diameter. Acrylic/watercolour on canvas.

"Slightly dizzy, I rest my head on her shoulder. I don't know if it's the beer, being by her side or the point that you want to merge with me. Why have you chosen me? I start to see blur, colors that mix creating new ones that I never knew. I grab her arm to find an anchor. It does not work. Why have you chosen me? I feel my body rise slightly towards you, Kosmos. I'm afraid you're winning the game."

Final Kosmos
50 cms diameter. Acrylic/watercolour on canvas.

I start to see a dark rain It is not you who causes it. My eyes begin to cry memories They want me to be empty to make room for you. I look at my hands, but I don't recognize them. I see my arms, but I don't feel them. I have you in front of me, but I don't know who you are... Is this ceasing to be? Is this what they call dying? Tell me what I have to feel. I'm lost.

Asymmetric Kosmos
50 cms diameter. Acrylic on canvas.

Lying in the grass at night, waiting for the famous Perseid rain to begin. I turn my head and I look at you attentively as you look for a shooting star to make a wish... I already have mine fulfilled. I look again into infinity and I realize that he is also looking back at me... He doesn't like me, he sees me as imperfect. Not complete, totally asymmetrical...

Imperfect Kosmos
50 cms diameter. Acrylic on canvas.

You keep staring at me while you challenge me. Can you look? You tell me openly how imperfect I am, how far I am from being that person that I claim to be. You, the Everything, stop showing off and turn off the light. I´m tired

Cuadro en lienzo rectangular pintado con pintura acrílica y acuarela y focalizando la obra en la textura. Eclipse está incluido en la colección Imperfect Kosmos

80x100 cms. Acrylic on canvas.

«And here I am. But, where are you? I can't see you but you are. You notice me but you don't feel me. How can I be present being nothing? That's it, NOTHING So this is the light in the tunnel? So this is death? I feel calm, life always scared me This is not the night, just an eternal eclipse.»

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